SLD provides lighting design services ranging from specific investigative survey work to full phased design processes of architectural projects to execution of direct on-hands focusing of luminaires, programming of lighting control systems, and followup evaluations. Specific services associated with interior, exterior, landscape, and urban design projects of all private or public manner include:


-Electric Lighting Design Layouts, Details, and Specifications

-Natural Daylighting Design

-Custom Luminaire Design and Coordination

-Conceptual Lighting Diagrams and Renderings

-Computer Lighting Calculations

-Lighting Mockups

-Lighting Focusing

-Lighting Control System Programming

-LEED certification

-Feasibility Studies and Master Planning

-Budgetary Analysis


Depending on the specific project requirements, schedule, budget, and process, SLD is happy to work on a fixed, hourly, or hybrid fee basis that effectively manages design tasks and deliverables to service the project’s best interests. Ultimately, the design work is predicated on maximizing products in a cost effective and meaningful manner to support the greater goals and objectives established for the project at hand. As such, SLD thrives in a collaborative design enterprise with all relevant parties in the design process.

Partial Lighting Mockup of Sandbin @ McMillan Reservoir Service Court, Washington DC

Sandbin Mockup - McMillan Site, Washington DC