Design Approach

Led by Christopher V. Stroik, SLD’s design approach considers design problems as welcome opportunities to explore formal, meaningful, and/or pragmatic issues expressed or manifested with light. Working closely with the Design Team and Client, SLD strives to interface with minimal presuppositions that might detract from a healthy and productive design enterprise. As such, SLD takes cues and direction from the larger design objectives and strategies that precede participation to enhance, exploit, reinforce, refine, and celebrate the design notions, visions, aspirations and programmatic mission of the project at hand. Utilizing both cutting edge technology and practical experience, SLD offers insight and ingenuity that considers function, aesthetics, budget, energy, green initiatives, cost effectiveness, and maintainability in the enterprise of design.

Partial Lighting Mockup of Sandbin @ McMillan Reservoir Service Court, Washington DC

Christopher V. Stroik, Principal