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Architect: Duncan G. Stroik

10  /   03   /   2019

The 28,000 sf neo-classical Hillsdale College chapel, built in Hillsdale, Michigan consisted in LED sources used throughout the project with 90+CRI in all areas. Volumetric illumination is provided with concealed asymmetric indirect lighting systems integrated into the entablatures. In the balcony levels, this same indirect illumination provides functional illumination for participants at that level. Discretely positioned surface mounted adjustable accent luminaires scribed to the articulated ribbed vaults allowed for a variety of layers of light affording flexibility of emphasis and hierarchy. Several custom luminaires were integrated into the project, beginning with the centralized dual functioning lantern chandelier at the rotunda portico. Concealed within the lantern’s acanthus crown are asymmetric uplights that softly illuminates the Guastavino tile structural dome interior offering a gentle but effective volumetric illumination of the gracious entrance. Lanterns within the nave and side aisles, also dual functioning, provide downlighting for tasks and glow for sparkle. The Control system allows expansion for plug-and-play theatrical instruments.

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